"You were the voice in my head brought to life." —Daphne Oz

“Working with Sandra was such a blast—there’s no one else I’d want to collaborate with on a book. My book would be NOTHING without Ms. Bark.”


“You do amazing work. I love working with you—you are talent, speed, good cheer, and wit all rolled into one.”

—ELIZABETH SULLIVAN, Executive Editor, HarperCollins

"Very special thanks to Sandra Bark for her incredibly curious mind and her help turning thoughts into words. Thank you!"


“Sandra Bark, what can I say, without you this book would not exist as it does. Your wisdom, curiosity, way with words and understanding of others as well as an ability to be honest and candid about yourself was the perfect formula to fuel your talent and to bring the vision for this book into fruition. I learned SO much from you. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner or teacher…!!”


With Kat von D, working on HIGH VOLTAGE TATTOO

“A joy to work with! Sandra has a way of listening to stories that puts your words on the page. I loved working with her.”


“Sandra Bark, we could not have done this without you. You gave us confidence in our knowledge and ability to tell this story. It’s been such a fun process, so thank you!”


With Cameron Diaz at a book signing for THE BODY BOOK

“Sandra Bark, you were the voice in my head brought to life. Thank you for providing structure to my lifetime of musings and memories; for being the best ever sounding board; for making the process of putting myself to page feel freeing and fun. I’ve loved every minute of it!”


“Sandra is passionate, creative, and adaptable. She has the amazing ability to communicate someone else’s message.”


“Sandra Bark is terrifically talented. Any project would be lucky to have her working on it.”

—AMY EINHORN, Senior VP & Publisher, Flatiron Books